Home sales are at an all time low and the home inventories are at an all time high. In a perfect world, you list your home and the agent sells within a few weeks so that you can move to your new home or location. But that is not the case these days.  With the hundreds of homes for sale in your price range, you need offer something different by standing Out in the Market not just being On the Market.

The buyers, that are interested, pre-approved and ready to buy their next home, do many hours of Internet searching before they ever leave their sofa to view their first new home. In order to catch the interest of the 95% of new buyers, your home in photographs must be neat, tidy and appealing both inside and out. So, with all these homes for them to look at, your listing will have about 45 seconds to make that very vital First Impression.

SW Florida Realty Staging can help. We spend two to three hours viewing your home when you decide to list for sale or come in as a marketing partner with your Realtor. In that initial introduction, we are the first “buyer” to see your home.  We understand your emotional attachment to the warm and welcoming home you have built.  We show you the changes that need to be made for your home, which is now your investment to sell in the least amount of time and for, at or in some cases above, your asking price. If needed, we can spend a day or a weekend helping with the transformation. We help you gain more profit from your home investment as we help you establish that exciting First Impression.

Review our Services page, then contact us today.

See What a Difference a Staging Day Can Make!


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