I have been asked many times how I got started Staging Homes and my answer is a very whimsical one. Have you ever walked into a friend’s or even a stranger’s home and had an immense urge to re arrange the furnishings and accessories? I think I have been doing that for most of my adult life and finally have a title for it, a Professional Home Stager.

Now I am living in Southwest Florida , eager to be part of the Real Estate market in Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties. I have a background in retail and business management and fabric construction. In the Retail environment, you “stage” your store to entice your customers to buy the merchandise as well as selling yourself as a reliable consultant in your field.  I bring that same salesmanship and product integrity to Home Staging. As a seamstress and home construction specialist, I have created warm and inviting interiors with fabric and upholstery.

I am the proud mom to three wonderful adults who have given me nine of the most beautiful and amazing grandchildren. Being from New England and traveling to several states and England, I have been exposed to a wide range of home styles . I look forward to helping Realtors and Home Sellers in SW Florida to achieve faster sales and for at or above your asking price.


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