New Statistics Encourages Home Staging

I was catching up on some of my reading this morning and found a few very interesting surveys… Home Staging and Clean and Declutter, which in themselves are the same thing to most Realtors, are the top two in highest Return on Investment.  Let’s
take a look:


Isn’t it interesting that the top Seven items are recommended by agents over 90% of the time, are under $500 to accomplish and give over a 295% ROI. Too bad they didn’t do a survey to ask the percentage of sellers that take their agent’s advice and do these things.  What is your guess? 50% ?  75% ? And how’s supervising the changes? Hopefully, not the Realtor.

This 2009 Survey goes on to list the percentage of Realtors that suggest Home Staging to their clients. Nationally, only 12.7% of agents consistently recommend Home Staging to each and every client. Take a look:

hsm_advice_chartv3 Only 23% recommend Staging at a level of                                                                                     50% of the time.. Sad but true. When you                                                                                     factor in the ROI that Home Staging                                                                                                produces, why aren’t you using Home                                                                                               Staging consistently? Now take a look                                                                                              at Time on the Market:


50% of  Realtors surveyed say that Staged Homes sell a month  faster (23%), 1 to 2 weeks faster (12%), 2 to 3 weeks faster (10%) and sells in just days….  5% of the time…with a Staged home .Can you imagine what Home Staging can do in this market?                                                         WOW… What a difference Staging Consultation Can Make…. !!

Now just so you can’t say…   “My clients cant afford a stager”   Remember this, with the huge ( and we all know the numbers of homes on the market are in the thousands) inventory these days, How can they afford not to?  If a listing doesn’t Stand OUT in the Market, it will be On the Market for far too long. Why not make that listing Stand out by hiring a Home Stager to at the least, consult with the sellers, advice changes and improvements and even help the seller accomplish the changes to get the house listed and SOLD.

Home Staging is a TAX DEDUCTION

Anything done to prepare a home for sale can and should be used at tax time.. If staging and improvements are the difference between a few weeks on the market and months, why not try it?

Call SW FL Realty Staging…  Let us help your clients sell their homes. We can review current listing and become part of the marketing plan for all your future listings. Together we can make a difference..

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Selling Homes

The key to selling your home is to be the best home in your price bracket.

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